Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61 free download

A new tool to make Warcraft gamers can easily access the different versions such as 1.20, 1.21, 124 and etc. The solution is now here with Warcraft Version Switcher that allows you to change your Warcraft version all the time. You can download it here online by selecting which version you want. I prefer the version 1.20 and version 1.24 higher because too many players still using 1.20 and the others using 1.24. and higher. Shifting or switching the version is made easily during game in garena. Not to exit nor logout in the game just close the Warcraft.exe and go to your folder where the game Warcraft is placed and open the WVS to choose which version you like. so what are you waiting now? Get it now here free online to make the game so much exciting and more fun.