Pokemon Season 12 Episode 33 / Pokemon Galactic Battle Episode 33 Strategy Begins At Home online free stream

A new episode of Pokemon has been released on Saturday. Don't miss to watch it free streaming online. It's an animated TV series of Cartoon Network that you want to watch now.

TV Show/Series Title: Pokemon

Season: 12

Episode: 33

Episode's Title: Strategy Begins At Home!

Genres: Animated Series

Theme: Anime

Airs: 02 January 2010

Episode's Synopsis: Ash and friends go to Dawn's hometown of Twinleaf. Upon arrival, they find that they made it in time for the Twinleaf Town Festival, where a Pokémon Contest is about to be held. Dawn decides to enter, and it isn't long before she finds herself facing none other than her mother, Johanna, in battle. Knowing that Johanna won the Grand Festival in the past, will Dawn be able to defeat her? (episode writer)

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