Naruto Shippuden Episode 142 Battle of Unraikyo / Watch Naruto Shippuden Battle of Unraikyo English Sub Free Streaming Online

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TV Show/Series Title: Naruto Shippuden

Episode: 142

Episode's Title: Battle of Unraikyo

Genre: Animation

Theme: Anime

Airs: 07 January 2010

Episode's Synopsis: Once Sasuke finally learns the truth about Itachi and the Uchiha Clan, he decides to join forces with Akatsuki with only one thing in mind: to take revenge upon the Hidden Leaf Village for the death of his brother. Before that, however, Sasuke must prove his loyalty to Akatsuki by capturing the 8-Tails. What kind of opponent will he and his team be facing at Unraikyo, and what are Sasuke's new powers? (episode writer)

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