Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 10 Sleepers / Watch Sanctuary s03e10 free streaming online

A new episode of Sanctuary has been released today, Friday. Don't miss to watch it free streaming online. It's a scifi-drama TV show of SyFy channel that you want to watch now.

TV Show/Series Title: Sanctuary

Season: 3

Episode: 10

Episode's Title: Sleepers

Genres: Scifi-Drama

Airs: 18th December, 2009

Episode's Synopsis: Magnus and Will investigate the disappearances of teenagers with links to them spending time at a rehab clinic in Mexico. Magnus and Will are shocked to see Nikola Tesla as the program director. Tesla reveals the treatment he has been using on the teens for their addictions. Tesla eventually his true motive of turning his patients into Vampires. (episode writer)