Pokemon Season 12 Episode 31 / Watch Pokemon Gateway to Ruin! streaming online

A new episode of Pokemon has been released today, Saturday. Don't miss to watch it free streaming online. It's an animated TV show of Cartoon Network channel that you want to watch now.

TV Show/Series Title: Pokemon

Season: 12

Episode: 31

Episode's Title: Gateway to Ruin!

Genres: Animation

Airs: 19th December, 2009

Episode's Synopsis: Ash and friends are on their way to the town where Dawn's next contest will be held. They arrive at Mt. Coronet, the massive mountain that divides the Sinnoh region in half. The mountain also divides the region's pokémon, like Shellos. The Blue and Pink Shellos have ended up on the opposite side of the mountain, and while trying to figure out why, Piplup falls into an artificial tunnel, and when they go to rescue him, they come across something sinister. (episode writer)