Coronation Street Season 50 Episode 259 / Watch Coronation Street s50e259 Monday 28th December 2009 (Episode 2) free streaming online

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TV Show/Series Title: Coronation Street

Season: 50

Episode: 259

Episode's Title: Monday 28th December 2009 (Episode 2)

Genres: Drama

Theme: City Living

Airs: 28th December, 2009

Episode's Synopsis: Gail and Joe are celebrating the sale of the house but David's furious and tells Gail that everybody is against the wedding. She's horrified when he tells her that Nick only returned because Audrey wanted him to suss out Joe and put a stop to their plans. Nick, meanwhile, is worried that his mother has accepted a reduced offer for the house. Will Gail and Joe be able to overcome all their problems before their big day? Ever since he saw the glamour modelling photos of Rosie, Graeme's been smitten - and has even taken to waiting outside the house for her to leave. Pleased to have someone interested in her, Rosie asks his advice on the size of her boobs, leaving Graeme speechless. Meanwhile, Ken and Deirdre's plans for New Year's Eve are scuppered when George invites Peter, Leanne and Simon over to their house to see in 2010.Has Ken's behaviour pushed Simon closer to George Elsewhere at The Rovers, Liz is having trouble selling tickets for her New Year's Eve bash - just as Steve predicted. Becky, meanwhile, tells Steve that Claire's mothering skills make her feel inferior. (episode writer)

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